In a perfect world, all families are happy and problem-free. But, in reality, that is rarely the case. Often families suffer from issues and unresolved emotional situations that, if kept unchecked, can only grow. 

If you are looking for family therapy in Dublin then that is already a sign you might benefit from counselling. However, it can still be hard to decide you need family therapy and then even harder to find the counsellor suitable for your needs.

Family Therapy Dublin, Three Signs You Might Need it

As soon as you start looking for family therapy in Dublin, then you know that something is not right and fixing it would be the best scenario. On the other hand, some families have a harder time looking for answers or even accepting that things are not as good as they could be. So, here are the three biggest reasons to look for family therapy.

Fighting Addiction

There is no doubt fighting addiction is the hardest for the person suffering. But, the family is carrying a large weight also. More importantly, a family with deeper and open communication can help the patient overcome addiction and prevent relapse.

Overcoming a Traumatic Experience

Death of a family member, divorce, separation, or discovered affairs are all experiences that often fall heavy on the whole family, especially on the younger members who might have a hard time understanding why and what is happening.

This is where family therapy comes into play. Unravelling emotional experiences connected to your family can help you overcome emotional blockage, helping you improve your connection and communication with your family and also with your friends and work colleagues. 

A Serious Breakdown in Communication

Finally, a sign that you could benefit from family therapy in Dublin is when you or a family member is showing signs of retreating from any kind of communication or interaction. 

Keep in mind this is often different from your teenager not showing up for dinner or refusing to spend time with their family. While the two could be connected, a communication breakdown is often more serious where a member is retreating into a metaphorical “cave” running away from any kind of interaction.


Where to Look for Family Therapy in Dublin

As a more general rule, if you feel like you could benefit from family therapy in Dublin, then you should visit a therapist. Sometimes even after a few good sessions, you can find the answers you seek and after a few months, you could resolve some emotional experiences leading to better communication with your family.

When you decide family systems therapy in Dublin is what you need and you are ready for your first session, feel free to call me on 086 3835910 or contact me here. With family systems therapy I can help you view your family dynamics from a different position and improve your communication in and outside of your family unit.