Your mind is designed to live and survive, it will protect you from anything it deems harmful, physically and psychologically. This is one of the wonders of our brains, but there are some situations where it creates more harm than good.

There Is An Unconscious Part of Your Mind

The unconscious mind holds all the answers to your behaviour. It is also where your mind hides anything that could hurt you. The emotions and traumas you cannot process, that are too painful to even remember, all reside in your unconsciousness.

And since your conscious mind cannot process this trauma, it creates defences to stop it from surfacing. Defence mechanisms like denial, repression, and rationalization are techniques used by your awake mind to stop emotions, traumas, and fears your mind cannot handle. Essentially, any behaviour that is designed to protect you from unpleasant emotions is a behaviour worth looking at.

However, simply because they are not a part of your conscious mind, doesn’t mean they don’t affect your everyday actions. Quite the contrary, they can affect almost every aspect of your life, or at least, of your behaviour.

Introducing Psychodynamic Therapy

The goal of psychodynamic therapy is to bring these unpleasant experiences to our consciousness, to become aware of our unconsciousness. Using this approach, we will, together, take a look at what kind of influence your past and childhood have on your present behaviour.

You will discover how you are unconsciously repeating the destructive patterns in your life. Most usually, these patterns are learned in our childhood or they are the result of our mind’s defence mechanism. 

Using psychodynamic therapy we will unknot your past experiences and resolve them. Thus, you will become more aware, and more importantly, you will move on from traumas that are troubling you.

The great thing is that your mind wants to heal and find balance. Your unconsciousness has probably already let you know your mind needs healing. This can happen through dreams, daydreaming, and sometimes, our “sleeping” mind influences our words and actions directly.

Discovering your unconsciousness can seem difficult, even daunting. But once you start, you will notice your psyche is providing you with memories and insight into your past experiences that will help you understand your present behaviour or help you get over the trauma you have been hiding.

Psychodynamic therapy can take a long time to reach the desired results. Your psyche wants balance, but these wounds are often very deep, and they can take a long time to heal. However, already during the first six to twelve weeks, you will see progress. At the very least, you will realise your destructive patterns and you will be on your way to discover their causes.

If you are looking for a way to stop your destructive patterns and resolve emotional trauma from the past. I can help you by using psychodynamic therapy. When you are ready to start sifting through your memories, you can contact me here.