Humanistic psychotherapy or human-centred counselling is an approach to counselling based on the idea that everyone, given the right conditions, has the ability to change. It is a way of thinking for the therapist, and also a way of life. 


It is a part of my being to place the human first and technique in psychotherapy second. Because the whole purpose of any kind of psychotherapy is for you to feel better, to learn how to deal with your overwhelming problems and reach a state of mind where you can enjoy life.


Humanistic Psychotherapy, the Characteristics

The three core conditions in humanistic counselling are empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard. Following these three conditions, I will go through your experiences with you. 


Because of empathy, you will feel understood and accepted, that there is nothing wrong with how you are feeling and that you can always change, that you already have the desire to change. I will only help you find that desire and equip you with the skills to keep it.


Congruence is the most important characteristic of humanistic psychotherapy. It shows that a counsellor is a real person. You will feel that, because of my authenticity, you can trust me more easily and because you will feel my honesty, you will rarely try to hide how you feel for the fear of being judged.


Lastly, unconditional positive regard refers to my deep care for all my clients. Don’t let my reactions to your experiences trick you. Through your therapy sessions, we may reach points where I don’t approve of your actions, that doesn’t mean I don’t approve of you. As a humanistic therapist, I will always accept you for who you are.


The Benefits of Humanistic Psychotherapy

Humanistic counselling places you first. Because of the belief that everybody has the ability to change and unlock their true potential. You will be able to free yourself from other people’s expectations.


In my sessions, there is no judgment, not even hidden. You are allowed and encouraged to be yourself, to become free and eager to live and improve. The goal of humanistic psychotherapy is to help you become more like yourself.

You are the expert in your life, because of that you already know what is best for you. That knowledge is sometimes hidden or obstructed by your emotions or other people’s limitations for you.


But when you learn how to free yourself from them, you will reap the true benefits of humanistic counselling. Together, you and I will work through your experiences, we will overcome your difficulties, and you will grow as a person. You will grow into someone with the ability to be happy and enjoy life.


If you like the way humanistic psychotherapy sounds and you think you could benefit from my sessions. Give me a call on 086 3835910, or you can always contact me here