You can approach family counselling in many ways and one of those ways is family systems therapy. Through my counselling services, I apply systems thinking as a central part of family therapy. 

When we apply systems theory to a collection of individuals who are emotionally and physically connected ‒ a family, we start to notice behaviour is often inseparable from one’s family of origin.

Let’s try to make this clearer and easier to understand by explaining how families function and why one might seek family counselling


What is Family Counselling With Systems Theory

When we talk about family counselling, that doesn’t have to mean the whole family participates in therapy. Actually, I perform family systems therapy with individuals, to help them resolve their behaviour and emotional issues.

The very core of family systems theory teaches us that a family is connected, in thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Changes in one person’s behaviour affect everyone. 

Most people never realize this, but our choices and thoughts are rarely truly our own. Our family plays a huge role in our minds. So, this is what family systems theory teaches, that the best way to understand a family as a whole, or your issues with the family is to look at the family as one system or one unit.


When is Family Systems Theory Effective?

It is safe to say most people in the world have some issues with their families. This doesn’t mean every family needs counselling, but it does mean every family could benefit from a systemic approach.

Family systems theory can help a family in crisis. A crisis can mean financial difficulties, relocation, death or sickness of one family member, and other emotional or practical issues that can affect every member of the unit.


Additionally, it can help an individual with other issues that, on the first look, might not be connected. Conditions like schizophrenia, alcohol and substance disorder, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders can all be traced to unresolved emotional issues connected with the family.

As for the effectiveness of treatment, family systems theory is fairly young. It was introduced by Murray Bowen in 1960, and even though it grew in popularity immensely, there is still a need for more empirical evidence to attest to its effectiveness.

What I can tell you from experience with my clients is that family counselling can help and does help resolve emotional issues and set a higher level of freedom.


Are You Looking for Family Counselling?

If, after reading this article, you feel like family counselling is something for you. Something that can help you visualize the effect your family connections have on your personal and professional life. Something that can help your reach a higher level of emotional freedom.

You should contact me. And even if you are not certain, but you feel stuck and you need help, you can always call me on 086 3835910 or contact me here.