Alcohol consumption in Ireland in 2019 showed persons aged 15+ drink around 10.78 litres of pure alcohol. The Health Research Board mentioned this is equal to around 40 litres of gin or vodka, 116 bottles of wine, or 445 pints of beer per person.

Now consider two more issues. Firstly, one in five persons in Ireland abstains from alcohol completely. So, those that do drink, drink a lot more than the per capita research shows. Secondly, consumption in Ireland has gone considerably up in the COVID-19 lockdown period. 

We have yet to see the consequences of lockdown related alcohol consumption.

How Can We Use CBT for Alcoholism

The most productive way of treating alcohol use disorder is evidence-based talk therapy combined with a rehabilitation program.

The reason cognitive behavioural therapy is used for treating alcoholism is that it looks at the causes and consequences of substance abuse. During your therapy sessions, I will help you identify feelings, hidden emotions and thoughts, and occurrences leading to and even causing your alcohol abuse.

CBT is based on the idea of solving current problems. You will learn which feelings and thoughts are causing your most relevant issues, and how to deal with them. Treating true emotional reasons leading to alcoholism can be a long and arduous process, one that you have to want to engage.

However, using CBT for alcoholism, you can remove your day-to-day emotional obstacles, and start living your life more healthy and happy. Then, we can talk about the deeper issues. But only when you feel ready for that.

CBT for Alcoholism in a Post-Lockdown Ireland

The COVID-19 lockdown has brought many changes and problems to our society. From working from home solutions to the lack of socialization between people. The Irish Examiner conducted a survey, concluding a fifth of Irish people is drinking a lot more since the lockdown. 

The people themselves recognised the drinking is making their mental health worse and it is starting to affect their physical health. And this was around six months after the pandemic started. More than a year has passed now.

Men and women both are drinking more to cope with undesired feelings like anxiety, loneliness, and boredom. Alcoholism can be a serious issue if it isn’t treated, but the results behind lockdown-related alcoholism still have to reveal themselves.

If you, someone in your family, or a close friend, are suffering from alcoholism, just know there is treatment. Using CBT for alcoholism, you can resolve the issues behind your substance abuse, and learn to skills to abstain from it. 

The best way to fight any kind of substance abuse is to react as soon as you start thinking “this has gotten out of hand”. Maybe your relatives and friends have mentioned you are drinking too much. Or you have realised that on your own. Regardless of the reasons, 

don’t fight this fight alone. If you need help with treating alcoholism contact me here or call me on 086 3835910