Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of the type of life you had, there was something to worry about. Sometimes that would be the bills or work-related problems and at other times those closest to you.

As much as the pandemic changed our lives, it didn’t erase the stress, quite the opposite, it added to it. Suddenly, we started worrying about numbers, measures, face masks, and much more. Suddenly, we are googling who is treating anxiety in Ireland.


From Stress to Anxiety

Stress on its own is a natural part of life. Lately, people have started to experience too much of it daily, but for most, it was something they could bear. However, when stress becomes too much, when you are unable to cope with your daily stressors, that is when an unhealthy dosage of stress turns into anxiety.


One of the problems that we will only begin to realize as a country is the mental effect this pandemic will have on our people, and people all around the world. The constant negative news on the television, the worry about leaving the safety of your home, and the impossibility of leading normal lives have all brought us closer to anxiety, and the need for treating anxiety.


Treating Anxiety in Dublin

Maybe you have already noticed you have a hard time dealing with daily stressors. But anxiety can also manifest in other ways. You might find it hard to focus, maybe you are easily irritated or constantly fatigued.

Especially if you take into account the latest problems concerning the pandemic. We have people losing their jobs, losing their loved ones, losing their ability to socialize, and even being unable to constantly spend time with the people they live with.

The pandemic has forced us to live inside a very small world and restricted our choices. The latter is imperative for us, humans. There are many who before the lockdown spent most of their time in their home, alone. But if they wanted to socialize, they could. Now, there is no choice, we have to live in a certain way that brings constant stress and thus the need for treating anxiety.

Treating Anxiety With CBT

If you have been reading posts like these, talking about anxiety and effective methods when treating the illness, you have probably come across something called CBT. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the most effective ways when treating anxiety.

I use both CBT and Reality Therapy when treating anxiety. These methods can help you break down overwhelming problems into “bite-size” pieces you can easily digest. You will soon see how and which thoughts and feelings influence your emotional state and behaviour.


Analyzing your thoughts and the reasons behind their existence will bring you more awareness and self-understanding. In other words, you will view your life with more clarity and you will be able to make better choices.

If you feel anxious or like you cannot handle the daily problems anymore, feel free to contact me here or call me on 086 3835910.