When I first started working with Margaret I struggled greatly with every simple everyday tasks. I couldn’t hold down a job at one stage and I had some very unhealthy relationships with people. My biggest issue was my anxiety was so out of control I could barely function most days. The best thing I could’ve ever done for myself at that time was to start counselling with Margaret. I had tried other counselling services and never once felt the slightest bit better. After a few sessions with Margaret I could feel a big change in myself already. She truly understands and she has ways of helping you to realise so much about yourself, why things are the way they are in your life and most importantly how to make positive changes.Michael

Thanks to Margaret I have so much knowledge about myself and so many tools to use to keep myself grounded and in control of my anxiety and depression.Patricia

My life has improved so much as a result of attending counselling that there are no words to describe it. Margaret offered me the support and guidance I needed. I really highly recommend working with her.Peter

Engage counselling was a great service from start to finish. I always felt welcome and knew I was in a safe environment to open up. It really helped my situation and I would highly recommend.Jane

I was very new to the idea of counselling though very open to it. Even still, I was terribly self-conscious and talking about myself was not in my nature. But I knew I needed to talk, there were issues that I was going through that I was just not able to figure out by myself. Margaret put me at ease straight away, had a wonderful ability to make me question what I was saying and then allow me to talk it out until I found the answer. I made huge strides during my time seeing Margaret and I came out on the other side practically a new person – certainly one that had found peace. Now, today I value that peace above all else and I have Margaret to thank for that. I would not hesitate to recommend and should the need ever arise again I know who I’ll be calling first.Sinead

Every time I finished my session with Margaret I felt as though slowly but surely a massive weight was lifting off my shoulders. I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to her. She taught me coping strategies for when I was becoming overwhelmed with certain emotions. The level of support and healing she provided me with was outstanding and it has changed my life for the better.Susan

Please call me now on 086 3835910 or email me at info@engagecounselling.ie if you would like to talk about your specific situation.