Have you ever felt like there are unhelpful patterns to your behaviour? Do you have difficulty in intimate relationships, getting along with coworkers or communicating effectively with family members? Did you know that our actions are largely influenced by behaviours we learned in our family?  

What is Family Systems Therapy? 

The purpose of family therapy is to help you realize the patterns behind your behaviours. The relationships in your family affect your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is important to understand the problem doesn’t lie only with you or with any particular family member.  When stress is heightened in a family system the level of comfort reduces for all its members and some may feel overwhelmed, confused or isolated.

Maybe your child is unable to communicate their issues with you. Perhaps when you try to help your well-intentioned advice comes out wrong and the problem becomes the elephant in the room. The reverse is also possible and perhaps you are the one struggling with feelings you cannot express. The results could be perpetual conflict or uncomfortable silence with members of your family. 

Often unquestioned behaviours are passed down through the generations.  You may discover your parents and grandparents had similar ways of coping and you may be unconsciously teaching unhelpful patterns to your children. These patterns of interaction influence our behaviours at work and our relationships with friends. It is difficult to improve or remove negative patterns if you are unaware of them. Once they are identified the changes needed become obvious.

Do you need Family Systems Therapy? 

There are many symptoms that can be resolved with family dynamics. You may feel like you need to take care of everyone or that you are to blame for what is happening to your family members. You could suffer from impostor syndrome, loneliness, anxiety, depression, addiction or have a personality disorder. Therapy can help you to develop a greater understanding of how your family operates and ultimately deepen your communication with family members. 

What to expect from Family Systems Therapy 

I conduct family systems therapy in a one-on-one setting.  We will look at your connections with other family members and use miniature dolls and stones to visualize your family dynamics. This approach is successful as it views the family as an emotional unit.  Often if one family member makes a change others will benefit also.

My goal is to help you to individuate from the system, develop healthy boundaries and engage with family members in a way that enhances your life. If you think you would like to experience family systems therapy or need a consultation to decide, contact me here.