In April 2020, soon after the lockdown started, articles and research were pointing to the fact mental health problems are on the rise. Independent said more than four in ten Irish adults are feeling lonely. 

That was after a few weeks of lockdown. Now imagine the research after a year of living with measures. Not only feelings of loneliness and anxiety because of the inability to socialize, but people have also lost their jobs, some have lost people close to them because of the pandemic. These are all causes enough for depression

Mental health issues are definitely spreading in Ireland, and at a fast rate. So, what can you do about it? What can we all do about it? Look for depression counselling in Ireland, or another counselling you think may help.

Don’t Fight Alone, Look for Depression Counselling

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, research was showing one in four people in Ireland will experience mental health problems in their lifetime. The lockdown and other measures have only exacerbated that problem.

These problems can only be mild, not everyone needs depression counselling immediately after they feel sad. The issue is however, people often think they can endure and fix their mental health on their own.

Especially true during the pandemic, when our movement and socialization have been restricted. Without anyone to confide in, we start to plunge deeper into our own abyss, feeling worse with every locked week, but thinking we can fix it ourselves.

The key is to ask for depression counselling.  Even if you are not sure you have depression. You can still call me and we can see what troubles you. Or you can call your friend or family, have a chat about the issues at hand. Don’t run away from talking about your feelings and mental issues.

CBT and Reality Therapy as Depression Counselling

Both CBT and Reality Therapy are great approaches to analyzing how your thoughts influence your feelings, and your feelings your behaviour. 

The results of the long-lasting COVID-19 related measures are a great example of what can happen. Let’s say you lose a job. You will start to worry, think about what will come next, maybe you will think you are not good or young, or capable enough to find a new job or change a profession.

These thoughts will start to get under your skin and you will soon start to feel inadequate, you will start to feel depressed. Like there is no reason to even try, and to make matters worse, the outside situation was not improving as we all hoped. 

So finally, these feelings result in bad, often self-damaging behaviour. This is why it is important to address the thoughts and feelings.

I Am Here to Offer Depression Counselling

Maybe you are already struggling, maybe you are past the thoughts and feelings, and you are barely finding any reason to keep going. Don’t give in. There is still help. I can help. 

I can offer you depression counselling, all you have to do is ask for it. You can always call me on 086 3835910 or contact me here.