Addiction is not only a substance use disorder, you can be addicted to sex, porn, social media, gambling, and gaming. But when we do talk about substance addiction, the field is again broad. Are you addicted to medication, alcohol, or cannabis?


The problem with addiction is that it interferes with your reward system. Once your brain gets used to it, it becomes incredibly difficult to change it. This is why we can use CBT for addiction because you have to change your addictive behaviour.


How Addiction Changes Your Brain and Behaviour

The first problem with addiction is that people often think it won’t happen to them. This is especially true with soft drugs like cannabis and other substances such as alcohol. You might think that cannabis is safe, that you are an exception, or that you can quit any time you decide. 


The reality is quite different. Quitting is hard. But as long as you feel you have it under control, you can still live in a “normal” way. The larger problem becomes when you start using bigger amounts of the substance, you become secretive about it, and you start having legal and financial problems. 


You start to engage in other risky behaviour, you lose interest in other activities, and you start placing the substance in front of everybody else, even your family. 


Addiction will alter your brain’s reward system. What this means is, you will replace healthy behaviour with addictive behaviour, because that is when you feel normal. Your whole view of what is good for you changes. 


Why CBT for Addiction Works

We can use CBT for Addiction to uncover your negative and painful thoughts. Substance use disorder is often a result of you trying to avoid the negative and unrealized feelings of self-doubt and fear. 


With Cognitive behavioural therapy, I can help you revisit those painful memories and reduce the pain they are causing you. You will also learn other, positive behaviour that replaces your drug or alcohol use. 


If you really want to beat addiction and you want to prevent a relapse. You need to understand why you were addicted in the first place. When you understand how your feelings of depression, fear, or insecurity lead to substance use, it will become a lot clearer how to defeat it.


Are You Looking for CBT for Addiction?

If you are fighting addiction then you have already taken the first step. And maybe you are already under-recovery. CBT can only boost your recovery by providing you with coping skills that address the thoughts and emotions behind addictive behaviour.


If you can address these thoughts and learn how to avoid triggering situations, you will be closer to beating addiction, and closer to a happier and more fulfilling life.


Finally, once I teach you the techniques, you can continue practising them on your own. In fact, if you want your recovery to be successful, that is highly recommended.

Don’t fight this fight alone. If you need help with addiction contact me here or call me on 086 3835910