Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are talk therapies that offer you the chance to work through challenges in your present situation, to make sense of your past and look forward to the future.

Counselling Services

Counselling Brings Warmth, Acceptance and Openness

Whatever approach or combination of approaches is best for you, you can be sure you receive will a warm and professional service. You will be fully supported and never judged. You will not feel rushed or pushed out of your depth, we go at the pace that is right for you.

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Heals Deep Within

CBT and Reality Therapy are approaches that help you seeing how your thoughts influence your feeling which in turn influence your behaviour. Cognitive therapies are clear, logical and highly structured breaking down problems that may seem overwhelming into smaller pieces that are easier to cope with.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in Dublin

Person-Centered Counselling

Given the right conditions, everybody has the ability to grow and change and to achieve their unique potential.

CBT / Reality Therapy

Breaking down problems that may seem overwhelming into smaller pieces that are easier to cope with.

Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic therapy helps you unravel past experiences in order to resolve them and move on.

Family Dynamics

Frequently the dynamics from our family of origin influence our behaviour in relationships, in the workplace and in friendships.


What People Are Saying

“Every time I finished my session with Margaret I felt as though slowly but surely a massive weight was lifting off my shoulders. I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to her. She taught me coping strategies for when I was becoming overwhelmed with certain emotions. The level of support and healing she provided me with was outstanding and it has changed my life for the better.”


“I was very new to the idea of counselling though very open to it. Even still, I was terribly self-conscious and talking about myself was not in my nature. But I knew I needed to talk, there were issues that I was going through that I was just not able to figure out by myself. Margaret put me at ease straight away, had a wonderful ability to make me question what I was saying and then allow me to talk it out until I found the answer. I made huge strides during my time seeing Margaret and I came out on the other side practically a new person – certainly one that had found peace.”


“When I first started working with Margaret I struggled greatly with every simple everyday tasks. I couldn’t hold down a job at one stage and I had some very unhealthy relationships with people. My biggest issue was my anxiety was so out of control I could barely function most days. The best thing I could’ve ever done for myself at that time was to start counselling with Margaret. She truly understands and she has ways of helping you to realise so much about yourself, why things are the way they are in your life and most importantly how to make positive changes.”


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Meet Your Counsellor and Therapist

Margaret Fox

Margaret Fox

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I am a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. I completed my certificate qualification with PCI College and gained my Dip. in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Middlesex University. I then decided to complete the B.Sc (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy in IICP. This incorporated additional approaches such as

  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Child and Adolescent Therapy
  • Integrative and Pluralistic Approaches

Prior to working full time as a therapist I worked for 14 years in the community and voluntary sector. I managed an outreach programme for men moving on from emergency homeless accommodation in Dublin. This gave me a deep understanding of addiction and mental health issues. I also managed outreach, mentoring and peer support programmes in the disability sector.

Drug use among young people is an issue that is close to my heart and I worked on education programmes for parents who are concerned about the impact of drugs on their children.

Ready to Make a Change?

You will be able to be open and to be yourself, free to explore, heal and grow.